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how to make Chinese seafood dumplings

47. Chinese seafood dumpling fillings

I am seriously recommending this fresh seafood chinese dumpling filling — if you like seafood! It was only just a try, but came out so tasty! I know I have talked about the san xian filling already, which is normally made with prawns, eggs and garlic chives. Chinese dumplings with seafood fillings This time, however, [...]

how to make Chinese dumplings with seafood filling

18. Dumplings with crabmeat filling

  Chinese dumplings with crabmeat filling 蟹肉饺子 (For an introduction to dumplings, see Chinese dumplings, Chinese dumplings.) You probably spotted the different shape of dumplings on the bamboo board in the photo.:)) It is because I have more pastry sheet left than  fillings, so I used two sheets for one dumpling. My auntie taught me [...]

Simple Chinese recipe with homemade dumplings

7.5 Chinese dumplings – boiling and serving

Boiled Chinese dumplings 煮饺子、吃饺子 Eventually — just one step left before sitting at the table and enjoying your work! :))) As mentioned before, Chinese dumplings can be boiled, steamed, or lightly fried. In this recipe we follow the traditional method — to boil the dumplings in water. Boiling the dumplings 1) Fill in a deep [...]

how to fold Chinese dumplings

7.4 Chinese dumplings -wrapping it up

包饺子 Folding Chinese Dumplings Only this morning I learnt that I should say ‘roll the dumpling up’, instead of ‘fold it’ or ‘wrap it’ — I am still learning English. :)) But in Chinese, we literally say ‘wrapping’, as the pastry sheet wraps the filling. The classic shape of a Chinese dumpling is … how [...]

how to make Chinese dumplings at home

7.3 Chinese dumplings: the fillings

beef mince (or ‘meat free mince’) and celery 饺子馅-牛肉芹菜馅 Chinese dumplings Sorry, got carried away with the good weather and beautiful sun. :)))) Keep on making dumplings. :)) Common Chinese dumpling fillings Now is the fillings. The common  dumpling fillings in Northeast China are either beef, lamb, or prawns, seafood, which are normally combined with [...]

How to cook Chinese dumpling at home

7.2 Chinese dumplings: the pastry sheet

饺子皮的做法 Chinese dumplings Chinese dumplings pastry Well, nowadays, you can get ‘prepared’ dumpling pastry sheets in Chinese supermarkets, they normally come frozen, and contain around 30 sheets per pack. Frozen pastry sheets are very convenient if you are running out of time to make them yourself, or just feeling a bit lazy.:)) They are good [...]

How to make Chinese dumplings at home

7.1 Chinese dumplings, Chinese dumplings! (Introduction)

饺子文化 Chinese dumplings before boiling Chinese Dumplings I cannot wait to talk about this – Really – Important dish, whose influence in Chinese culture  can never be overlooked or underestimated. I used to think that dumplings only existed in Chinese cuisine, probably because they carry such special meaning for (say Northeast) Chinese people. But then, [...]

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