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how to make simple crispy aubergine

108. Chinese crispy fried aubergine (V)

> Simple homemade crispy aubergine 炸茄排 Cold, cold!! This morning, when I opened the blinds, the grass and the trees, even the walls in the garden were all covered by a layer of frost — it reminded me of a winter back my home town just after snow, light snow. But the sun was out, [...]

107. The simplest and most basic: egg fried rice

> Chinese egg fried rice Some friends have already asked me a few times about rice recipes. Some Chinese rice recipes simply combine rice with other grains, like mung beans; but most of the times, rice is stir-fried (an example is the famous Yangzhou fried rice). And all these fried rice dishes originate from the most [...]

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102. Cooking homemade tofu

102. Cooking homemade tofu

  Ok, yesterday, after the whole process of making soya milk, and after drinking homemade soya milk and cleaning up, did you notice there is something left there? — I call it ‘left over’ crushed soya beans. I hope you haven’t thrown it away yet, as it is still useful — we are not wasting [...]

how to cook broccoli with simple Chinese recipe

98. A contemporary Chinese broccoli recipe: steamed broccoli (V)

  Chinese broccoli recipe My love towards broccoli actually only started in very recent years.  Well, broccoli was only introduced in northern Chinese cuisine less than twenty years ago anyway. But if I tell you this, you are going to laugh. It all started the time — you know, the time you begin to think [...]

Chinese healthy recipe with celery and almond

89. Healthy Chinese recipe: stir fried celery and almond (V)

Chinese stir fried celery and almond After staying indoors the whole day, in the afternoon, around 4.15pm, I decided to pack my sport wear and go to gym. According to the weather forecast, sun set would be at around 4.06pm, so I thought I would be walking in the ‘dark’. However, when I stepped out, [...]

How to make Chinese red pepper with soyabean paste

86. Chinese fried red pepper with soyabean paste sauce (optional) (V)

  Chinese red pepper with soybean paste 油焖红椒 During all these years living in England, I have always kept on cooking Chinese food, all the dishes I could remember, — if not on daily basis. But it is hard to remember all of them without being in that environment, you know, seeing all the typical [...]

how to make crispy soyabean snack with Chinese recipe

84. Making Soy beans as snack or as side dish

> Tweet   Chinese soy beans My parents used to always prepare some ‘Chinese snacks’ at home. The quotation mark means — really — it is only me treated them as snacks. As I told you before, my mum did not really approve that we, me and my brother, had any snacks, as they could [...]

how to cook Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Chinese recipe

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu (V)

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Opened the blinds this morning, autumn has spread the whole yard, yellow and red leaves are covering the whole walls and the grass — how beautiful! Although there was no sun, the red, yellow, orange and green (yes, there is still a little green colour left) colour are composing a [...]

How to make Chinese dried bean curd wrap

83. Fried bean curd sheet wraps with vegetable fillings (V)

Chinese bean curd wraps This is not a recipe from North East China, :)) This recipe comes totally from my ‘passion’ towards eating – try to make anything that I can eat. Ha.. The original recipe comes from Cantonese dim sim; the ones in Cantonese restaurants in England are often wrapped with duck mince and [...]

How to stir fry mixed mushroom Chinese recipe

80. Chinese mushroom recipe: stir fried mixed mushrooms (V)

Chinese mixed mushrooms I have to confess that I never really liked mushrooms, especially those usually called ‘Chinese mushrooms’, which have a ‘thick’ and a bit ‘meaty’ texture. Well, it is probably because in Chinese cuisine, this kind of mushrooms are always cooked with meat; for example, the most famous such dishes is ‘mushroom and [...]

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