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What is the best way to eat instant noodles

Cooking Note: How to cook instant noodles?

  Don’t really trust me saying I like healthy food, and only eat super healthy stuff… There is a bit of a ‘fraud’ in there. Don’t get me wrong, I do have healthy consciousness, but I also like some… let’s say not so healthy food. Here is another confession — I really really really like [...]

how to make Chinese sweet amber walnuts snack

121. Chinese snack: amber walnuts

琥珀核桃仁   In the morning, when I step out of the hotel, the air is so fresh, mixed with a slightly chili breeze, but the sun is super bright, I have to put on my sun glasses; the streets are busy, people and cars are knitting an interweaved web — the whole city is awake [...]

how to make crispy soyabean snack with Chinese recipe

84. Making Soy beans as snack or as side dish

> Tweet   Chinese soy beans My parents used to always prepare some ‘Chinese snacks’ at home. The quotation mark means — really — it is only me treated them as snacks. As I told you before, my mum did not really approve that we, me and my brother, had any snacks, as they could [...]

Chinese culture Chinese snacks

Chinese snacks

  image source ‘http://www.88695.com/list.asp?ProdId=05627′ … Well, I grew up with my mum saying, ‘no, no snacking now, you are going to have your main meal later’ – of course, she said in Chinese with mum’s ‘strict’ tone. But today, I am talking about those snacks I grew up with, with all the ‘growing up’ memories. [...]

How to make adame beans Chinese recipe

33. Chinese five spice adame beans

  五香毛豆   Summer! Summer! But today, there was no sun shining into my room to wake me up from the disturbing dreams… I got up, opened the curtain, grey, grey… the wind and the rain even seemed not that annoying any more, just the colour, the grey colour. I wish I could use a [...]

How to make simple Chinese egg pancake at home (savory)

22. Chinese egg made flat bread (Ji Dan Bing)

  Chinese egg pancake 鸡蛋饼 Every time mentioning or cooking ‘Jidan bing’ always, always makes me think of my deeply be loved auntie. And that day a few years ago, when I was very sick and sad lying in bed, didn’t want to eat anything, after rejecting all the food she suggested, she went back [...]

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