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how to stir fry bok choy recipe

31. Chinese stir fried ‘bok choy’ with fish balls

油菜鱼丸 A friend, who is originally from Beijing, came over for dinner the other day and I cooked this dish. Then she asked me if I came up with the idea of this nice combination myself…. I was flattered — but — have to be honest, no, at least I don’t think so. Somewhere, sometime, [...]

How to make Chinese bakery with garlic chives

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 1)

Chinese garlic chives pastry —  JiuCai He Zi (韭菜合子) If you have read my post ‘Dumpling introduction’, you probably already know that there is another type of  pastry my mum would cook for our family’s Chinese New Year Eve — here it is “He zi”. Again, I am not sure if this kind of pastry [...]

how to cook Chinese leaves with simple Chinese recipe

19. Stir fried Chinese leaves with vinegar and sugar

—–tangcubaicai (糖醋白菜) Sweet and sour chinese leaves Sweet and sour Chinese leaves Did I mention that ‘sweet and sour’ dishes in Northeast China are actually called ‘vinegar and sugar’? Ha… This is one of that ‘vinegar and sugar’ dishes, but with a spicy touch. It is a very traditional dish in North Chinese cuisine — [...]

how to make Chinese dumplings with seafood filling

18. Dumplings with crabmeat filling

  Chinese dumplings with crabmeat filling 蟹肉饺子 (For an introduction to dumplings, see Chinese dumplings, Chinese dumplings.) You probably spotted the different shape of dumplings on the bamboo board in the photo.:)) It is because I have more pastry sheet left than  fillings, so I used two sheets for one dumpling. My auntie taught me [...]

Simple Chinese fish recipe with oven cooked fish Chinese style

10. Oven cooked fish in Chinese sauce

中国式烤鱼 Fish in Chinese sauce An important dish for a nice long holiday weekend, especially if you are having guests over. :) Cooking fish in China If you have read my earlier post on ‘Stir-fried fish’, you will understand why I say that cooking fish is very important in Chinese custom. When fish is served, [...]

how to cook aubergine with seafood with Chinese recipe

9. Chinese stir fried Aubergine and seafood

Chinese aubergine and seafood (/meat free mince for V option) (Haixian qiezi) 海鲜茄子 Love aubergine, all kinds of ways of cooking it. :) We normally do shopping for fruit and vegetables in a small market in North Oxford on Saturdays; the sellers already know us well, and they always give us very good ‘offers’. Last [...]

How to cook simple Chinese fish recipe

3. Chinese pan fried fish (Liu Yu Pian)

Chinese stir fried fish 溜鱼片 Cooking Fish in China O, o, I love fish. Since I was little, have never been a big fan of meat, but never rejected a single fish dish (that also shows how much I love eating). :)) I am not sure if this is a custom crossing China, but in [...]

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