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how to cook shrimps with simple Chinese recipe

134. Chinese soft fried shrimps

Busy, busy… I have been ‘sort of’ really busy with packing, since we have to move house. But saying ‘busy with packing’ is not really exact, rather, ‘busy with digging and tidying up memories’. There are so many things over the years have been kept at the bottom of the drawers, cards, letters, pictures, small [...]

how to cook tofu recipe at home

128. Chinese tofu cooked with crab meat

蟹黄豆腐 Many many congratulations to our dearest friend Birte and her (now) hubby!! — Yes, it was a wedding, and a beautiful bride! Unfortunately, we could not make it, but wish them all the love and happiness from the bottom of our heart. —– Somehow, I have never believed in ‘weddings’, never had that fairy [...]

How to cook Chinese fish recipe

122. Simple Chinese fish recipe: jiao zhi fish

  浇汁鱼 Although I have seen different festivals celebrations in Spain — which every time was a totally amazing new experience, it is my first time to see the actual Easter celebration. The festival has lasted almost a week, and today it finished with the resurrection — in the sun!! People from different neighborhoods all [...]

How to cook sole fish with Chinese recipe

85. Chinese fish recipe: Sole cooked in soybean paste

Chinese fish in soybean paste 酱汁鱼 Bonfire night!! Sitting in the living room, although we could only over see the quite streets under the peaceful yellowish street light, the noise of fireworks is everywhere. My friend just asked me, ‘in China, you have lots of fireworks, right?’ — Yes, there are lots fireworks, especially during [...]

How to cook squid with celery at home with simple Chinese recipe

76. Chinese stir fried baby squid and celery (spicy)

Chinese stir fried squid …I don’t know how “authentic” this recipe really is. It is probably just ‘my’ recipe :)). I have always liked this way of cooking squid, never remembered where I learned it from. Before writing this post, however, I quickly checked up online, and asked my dad — no, I could not [...]

how to stir fry prawns with simple Chinese recipe

70. Simple stir fried prawns

Stir fried Chinese prawns 清炒虾仁 As if spring came around to Edinburgh again today, the only sign of autumn is the beautiful ‘turning-red’ leaves. It is a nice and strange feeling to experience two seasons at the same time…  Standing on top of the ‘Arthur’s seat’ in Holyrood park, as if we are close to [...]

how to cook salmon with simple Chinese recipe

57. North East Style Jiaozhi Sauce with Salmon

Salmon in Chinese sauce – Jiao zhi ‘san wen yu’ 浇汁三纹鱼 … This is NOT a northeast dish. :)) — but it is a typical northeast Chinese sauce for fish. — Am I making sense? Salmon in Chinese Cuisine In China, well, at least in northeast, salmon is quite rare. So, there are not many [...]

How to cook simple sweet and sour fish at home with simple Chinese recipe

55. Chinese sweet and sour fish (northeast style)

Sweet and sour fish 糖醋鱼 I know I have mentioned the “sweet and sour taste” many times, but I am not very much used to the real Cantonese style “sweet and sour” sauce — a bit too sweet for me. (Well, not much of a surprise, I don’t even like to have sugar in my [...]

how to stir fry squid at home with simple Chinese recipe

53. Homemade stir-fried squid

Chinese stir fried squid 家常清炒鱿鱼 By the seaside here, having lots of fresh seafood is like a dream come true:) I don’t have to battle having meat any more — a picky me have always tried to avoid meat, but always have been opening my stomach to seafood. Chinese stir fried squid: Introduction and culture [...]

how to make Chinese seafood dumplings

47. Chinese seafood dumpling fillings

I am seriously recommending this fresh seafood chinese dumpling filling — if you like seafood! It was only just a try, but came out so tasty! I know I have talked about the san xian filling already, which is normally made with prawns, eggs and garlic chives. Chinese dumplings with seafood fillings This time, however, [...]

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