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Chinese Valentine's day meal idea

Simple meal idea for Valentine’s day

      I normally like to cook Valentine’s day dinner at home, it is simply because the restaurants are all very crowded, difficult to book a seat, and also at home, you can chat over the ‘romantic’ table for as long as you want. :)) Well, then the task is to make the meal [...]

Chinese festival food rice balls with fillings

Culture Note: Chinese lantern festival (/Yuan Xiao festival) and the festival food

> 元宵节                                  Today is the last day of Chinese new year celebration, if you haven’t wished ‘happy new year’ yet, do it now. After today, we are in 2012 everyday’s life. :)) Today is 15th of January in Chinese [...]

Chinese thin bread for having fillings

Culture Note: Spring Day in China and spring flatbread recipe

  立春 和 春饼的做法 Spring Day is one of the twenty-four “solar terms” in Chinese tradition. It is called ‘Li Chun’, ‘Li’ (4) in traditional Chinese terms means ‘begin’, ‘Chun’ here refers to Spring. It means from this day onwards, the spring is beginning. It is normally on the 4th February each year. Sorry, this [...]

Culture note: Chinese new year eve celebration — ‘the Spring festival’ II

> Where should I start? — Food!! The night for Chinese new year is called ‘Tuan Yuan Ye‘, means ‘an evening for everyone to gather together’. The dinner for Chinese new year eve is called ‘tuan yuan fan’, which means that everyone in the family would all gather around the table and eat together. — So, [...]

Culture note: Chinese new year: ‘the Spring festival’ (part I)

> Image source:http://www.nipic.com/show/4/110/4378639k6baf27cf.html :))) Since Chinese New Year is around the corner now, and it is this blog’s first Chinese new year, let’s talk about this important Chinese festival, its traditions and customs. According to Chinese history, the celebration of Chinese new year started during the Xia dynasty, over 4000 years ago. The main celebration [...]

Chinese Culture note: today is ‘Xiao Nian’ (little new year) !

> Image source:http://photo.xinzhou.org/2009/0118/picture_1161_5.html   Image source:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1376530070 As I said yesterday, today all the Chinese new year celebrations are starting!! In Chinese, today is called ‘Xiao Nian’, which literally means ‘little new year’. It should probably be called ‘pre-new year’ instead. Xiao Nian normally happens 7 days before Chinese new year day; however, different regions, and even different [...]

how to make Chinese steamed rice cake

Chongyang festival: the flower cake (Chinese steamed cake recipe)

  Chinese steamed cake 重阳花糕   If I were to use Chinese words to describe my state when I was making this cake I would say that  ”there is no bottom in my heart”. Ha… it means I was in a bit of a panic mood and was feeling unsure about this recipe, since this [...]

Chinese culture and festivals 'Chongyang festival'

Culture Note: Chinese Chong Yang festival

  Ooh, beautiful Italy made me forget time and place — I have missed two major Chinese festivals, one is Chinese National Day on 1st Oct, and the long holiday in China that follows the national celebration; and the other one is Chong Yang Festival, which was yesterday. I guess I will have to leave [...]

Making Chinese moon cake at home

Chinese Moon Cake with red bean fillings

Chinese moon cake Making moon cake at home Making moon cake at home? – I never thought I would even dare to try one day. Back home, people would give moon cake as gifts to each other, so they are ‘everywhere’, or if I like particular fillings, then there are too many choices!. Don’t even [...]

Chinese culture and food mid autumn day

Culture note: Typical Mid Autumn Day food — Moon Cake

(Image source:http://www.lecaitt.com.cn/tuangou/detail_82287/) If there is one single thing you definitely must eat in Mid Autumn Day, that would be Chinese Moon Cake. A mid autumn day celebration without moon cake is not such. Chinese Moon Cake Moon cake in Chinese is called “Yue bing” (Yue as moon, bing – I have mentioned a few times [...]

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