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what tea is good for having Chinese meal

What drink to go with Chinese meal?

  I grew up, like many Chinese people, in a ‘tea’ environment. My parents, grandparents, my relatives are all tea drinkers. In the morning, the first thing they would do is to make a pot of tea, they call it ‘grab a tea-cup’,  then start the day. But they normally like red tea, as red [...]

Chinese culture St.Valentine's day in China

Culture note: St. Valentine’s day in China

  Happy St. Valentine’s day!! Well, actually, there is no real ‘St. Valentine’s culture’ in China, but since many friends have asked me whether St. Valentine’s day is celebrated in China, and how people would celebrate it, I thought I would write a shore culture note about it. And in my next post, I will [...]

Chinese culture winter solstice in China

Culture note: Winter solstice in China and the food for the celebration

  Happy winter solstice! How good — days are getting longer, but it also means that winter is coming. So I am a bit happy and sad at the same time. However, just like poet Shelley said ‘if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ — Probably I should enjoy the winter snow, while waiting [...]

Chinese culture and food mid autumn day

Culture note: Typical Mid Autumn Day food — Moon Cake

(Image source:http://www.lecaitt.com.cn/tuangou/detail_82287/) If there is one single thing you definitely must eat in Mid Autumn Day, that would be Chinese Moon Cake. A mid autumn day celebration without moon cake is not such. Chinese Moon Cake Moon cake in Chinese is called “Yue bing” (Yue as moon, bing – I have mentioned a few times [...]

Chinese culture Chinese snacks

Chinese snacks

  image source ‘http://www.88695.com/list.asp?ProdId=05627′ … Well, I grew up with my mum saying, ‘no, no snacking now, you are going to have your main meal later’ – of course, she said in Chinese with mum’s ‘strict’ tone. But today, I am talking about those snacks I grew up with, with all the ‘growing up’ memories. [...]

Chinese culture Chinese Valentine's day

Culture note: Chinese Valentine’s day (August 6th)

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!!! —- Chinese Valentine’s day!  If I remember correctly, Western Valentine’s day was only introduced in China around twenty years ago. The (Western) Valentine’s day festival was first translated into Chinese as “qing ren jie”. “Qing ren” usually refers to “lovers” in Chinese; nowadays, however, it has become quite popular in China [...]

Chinese culture 'not tanned skin'

Culture Note: Never say to a Chinese girl they are tanned!

Ha, as I write down this post’s title, I can just imagine you are frowning, and my husband’s immediate nodding, and my (western) friends’ laughing… As I walk down the beach in the sun, the thought that “I am going to be dark soon” is always crossing my mind. I know, in the West, we [...]

Chinese ‘health theory’, heathy eating and recipes

养生菜谱 It has been widely documented that, for the past five thousand years,  Chinese people have been looking for the secrets of health  and medical cure in food. This is not an exaggeration. If we look back in Chinese history,  we will see that in the royal kitchen of all Chinese emperors, there was a [...]

Chinese culture: the Round dining table

We have decided that if we ever buy a new dining table, it has got to be a round one. Then, we will also buy a smaller round table top with wheels, so when we have friends over, the smaller one can be placed on top of the big one, and we can just wheel [...]

how to use spring onion ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking

Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cuisine

    Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking Another common way of stir-frying Northeast Chinese dishes is using the taste of spring onions, ginger and garlic to influence the dishes. If you get into any household in North China, you can easily find these three items on the kitchen shelves. Nowadays, people can [...]

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