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Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely messages on Leo’s arrival, and xmas and new year wishes, and the lovely gift from Jo!!

Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you all the best in the snake year, cook well, eat well, live well, happy, lucky!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long — half of year already, shall we call it a super tired (and excited ) maternity leave?

Before putting on new recipes or just chatty stories, think I should give you a little update. :)

Probably you have seen my update on FB already, little Leo was born in late July, a few days earlier than we expected. If you have followed my blog here, you might already pictured us moving house in such a big rush with my 9 months big tummy, putting furnitures together, getting nursery ready…etc. Well, no, the nursery was not totally ready yet, Leo already announced his arrival.

All went well, thanks to all the hospital staff and the person who invented epidural. :) Everything happened like a dream, I think I have actually been living in a dream for six months, and now, just got one of my feet stepping out to see and feel the ‘outside’ world, it is actually helping me feel real of what is happening — does it make sense? Sleeplessness is definitely not helping. Ha…

I think since I was a little girl, I have never pictured a day like this in my life — having a lovely husband and a cute baby to company me everyday. I used to think I could never belong to that kind of ‘conventional’ life. But … here I am, I even made a commitment in the public and dared to take up responsibilities for caring a baby. Love is a magic thing, and I don’t only just mean love between two people, you know, the romantic way, but also in its widest way you can imagine. I have never felt this warm, happy, secure before. Now having my in-laws around, and having my parents with us, all make a good sense of what family is. — What is the word for it? — Satisfaction in life? Yes!

—- If you have been following this blog, probably this sounds to you like a different person, hey, probably it is true — my view of life changed after having a new life with us everyday, hearing his breathe, smelling his smell, touching his soft skin, seeing his innocent eyes, oh, and that sound of ‘mama’!

I think I have been changed even more, for example, I have never been into politics or anything like that in that ‘outside’ world, but now, I am definitely anti-war, anti-crime, anti-abortion — just think that every life is the treasure of their moms and dads’, how can they put others’ life in danger?

I love these changes of mine, being grateful what little Leo has brought along with him to my life. I am only hoping I can be a good mother as he deserves, will try my best.

So… gradually I am taking over the kitchen, after leaving it for a very long time. A few months ago, after my mother in-law really spoiled me for weeks, the first time I went back to kitchen, it did not only take me 2 hours to make 3 dishes, but also almost set the whole kitchen on fire. — Oh, dear…

But I am starting cooking again now, with help of my dad, which is actually not a bad thing, dad has lots of more new recipes that I can share with you. And I am also hoping I can work out some new recipes for a PG mom and a weaning baby — all very practical. :)

How have you been? Hope you are having a nice Chinese new year, or just some excuse to have some good food, and guilty free eating. Ha…

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