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133. Chinese tofu balls (V)


I had a terrible dream, woke up from nightmare this morning. All my dream was about  the future, well, more like, to have a direction towards a career. But in the dream, all I could see was a dark circle, where I could not see anything further, there was no ‘further’ anyway. So I got so scared, sat there crying and sinking. I had never been at that bad stage in real life because of the frustration of the career before, but after waking up, it felt so vividly real. That feeling still hunts me after hours of waking up.

Getting out of bed, I am in still in dark — another cloudy, rainy, windy day. The sound of rain dropping on the window, along with the wind blowing the tree leaves, drifts me to a different world —  I am just lost, where I am, real or dream.

Sometimes I could not help looking back, keep on thinking if I have chosen to do things differently, or probably this is how fate assigned. My friends say dreams are always opposite, so I am hoping for a lovely nice reality. :)

Anyway, weekend is here again!! The forecast says that tomorrow we might see some sun here, that will definitely do me good. :)


How to make fried tofu balls at home

Cooking tofu

 I have been asked many times about the different ways of cooking tofu. I guess I could write a book on tofu recipes, simply because there are so many, or at least I should try to edit some into a post, so it will be easy to read.— Coming soon. :)

Here is another simple tofu recipe, which is quite different to the others —- fried tofu balls, which is a quite popular vegetarian dish.

Making tofu balls is my mum’s speciality, she isn’t really a super good cook, but she is very good at cooking things like this. I have never seen tofu balls anywhere else, apart from in some Chinese supermarkets over here, they sell tofu and fish balls. I love them! The texture is much more smoother than just tofu, and it can be fried, made into soup or just stir fried with other vegetables, as it absorbs seasonings and sauce easily. But it does taste more ‘fish’ than ‘tofu’.

The recipe: Chinese tofu balls

Here the tofu balls I am talking about is just tofu, oh, one egg as well, just for helping with its crispiness, it is not a ‘must’ to use it though. I normally do it simple way as I make fish balls or prawn balls.

Here you go.



Tofu (firm or medium firm tofu), 

egg (optional), plain flour, corn flour, Sichuan peppercorn soaked in the water, ginger juice, five spice powder, salt, MSG/ mushroom/vegetable essence, sesame oil, light soy sauce


1) ‘Crush’ tofu into ‘mince’. (If your tofu is too soft, you can steam it first.)

How to cook tofu with simple Chinese recipe

2) Soak a handful Sichuan peppercorn in water (best is overnight, or quickly boil it first).

3) Squeeze a piece of ginger to get a small teaspoon of ‘ginger juice’. (But this is optional.)

4) Mix ‘crushed’ tofu with one egg, around 2 tablespoons of plain flour, and one tablespoon of cornflour, 1 tablespoon of Sichuan peppercorn soaked water, 1 teaspoon of five spices powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of ginger juice and 1/2 teaspoon of MSG/ mushroom/vegetable essence.

how to make simple tofu dish

Chinese fried tofu ball recipe

 how to make simple simple vegetarian tofu recipe



1) In a heated wok, add in oil. (Enough oil to take the full tofu balls during frying.)

2) Shape a small portion of tofu mix into a small ball.

3) When the oil is 80% heated up, add the tofu balls in (be careful of the spill).

Homemade tofu dish fried tofu balls

4) When tofu balls turn into golden colour, they can be taken out of the wok.

 how to make simple tofu Chinese recipe fried tofu balls at home


It can be served just as it is after frying, or dip with chili sauce/ chili oil, or even stir frying with other vegetables, for example, marrow (I will talk about it in another post). But it is not very good for cooked in the soup, because the surface will get too soggy, and loose its crispiness.

I would like to have it with rice or if you like beer, it goes well with most of the food really. Hope you like it too.

Have a good weekend!!

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