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130. Summer rice recipe: sorghum rice

How to make sorghum rice with Chinese recipe



I am definitely a ‘worrier’ — a typical, you know, ‘that kind of ‘ person, who thinks too much and worries about things that one should never need to worry about. Although I have been trying to keep it under control, it does come as ‘waves’, sometimes it comes stronger and lasts longer, like nowadays; :) sometimes, it comes ‘lighter’ and shorter. Of course I would prefer the latter one, which in Chinese, it is called ‘no heart, no lung’, has both negative and positive meaning, means somebody never worry anything, and just let things pass as it is. 

I conclude that my main worry is time passing by. Ha… I know… it is something so natural, we cannot control, but it worries me so much. I worry I haven’t done anything and my career will never go anywhere after years struggling with PhD; worry that if I am spending enough time with my parents, my in-laws; sometimes thinking about the past, worry if I could have done things differently…

After dumping all my worries to my parents, my mum said, ‘don’t worry, when things are supposed to come, they will come, the only thing is that it seems things come later in your life, but you are still very lucky.’ … Probably she is right. On the very first day at school, I was much younger than the other kids in the class, especially they had been to ‘pre-school’, but I still did not understand a thing in school, not a discipline. When the last class eventually finished at lunch time, I stood on the chair, looked out of the window to see if my mum arrived to pick me up — while all my classmates were quietly sitting on their chairs behind their desks, I could never forget the surprise look on my teacher’s face — ha… It took me a long time to understand that I should not do that… 

So I definitely think I ‘grew up’ later than the others, get ‘matured’ later, understand things in life later… So my mum is right, If the life is designed this way, I just have to wait, worry is no use here — a strange feeling and thinking… :) 



See, I have been waiting for ‘real’ spring to come, here comes summer… But it makes me miss the summer dishes I used to have back home. You know those food that you could only have in the season, and they really remain in your ‘seasonal’ memory forever…

This is one of those foods, not a dish, but a rice recipe. As I mentioned before, in northern China, rice dishes are quite different to what we have here, mixing two or more grains together is very common. The original rice is sorghum grain with (or without) white rice. In Chinese it is called ‘Gao Liang’.

Sorghum grain mainly grows in northeast China, some also grows in the southwest regions. It is considered as … ‘not super fine’ grains like rice. It used to be a popular staple food for poorer people, especially in the rural areas. There are two types of Sorghum grains in the field, one is called red Sorghum, and the other one is ‘white’. If you are a fan of director Zhang Yimo’s work, one of his famous early work is called ‘red Sorghum’. The scenery was set in an endless Sorghum field. Some of Chinese wines are also made from Sorghum.

However, nowadays, as I said before, having this kind of food becomes trendy in China, many people like to have it, for recalling the past, but it does provide a totally different taste to normal fine rice, don’t even mention how nutritious it is.

Anyway, unfortunately I could not find it in England, but still desperate to have it for the summer, so I started trying to use barley instead. You know what, it is not a super bad replacement, actually, my husband became a big fan of it.

 Chinese summer rice recipe with sorghum rice

What I am saying is that if you can find Sorghum grain that will be great, otherwise, using barley instead is also great. The way of making it is the same and super simple. It can be boiled or steamed. What I normally do is to soak the barley (or Sorghum grains) for a little while, then boiled with normal white rice — the only thing is when you add water in, you should add slightly more water than you would cook for just rice alone.

I am saying it is a popular summer rice is because it is usually served cold. After boiling, rinse cooked rice in cold water, the grains will be loose in the bowl. It is super comfortable for chewing in the mouth, specially for lunch or dinner in a hot summer day.

how to make sorghum rice at home

The most popular combination with it is steamed aubergine and potato mixed with soybean paste dish. If you are in China, don’t expect you get these two dishes served in all the restaurants, it can only in those small family run places with very very cheap price tag. It is a so ‘normal’ meal — now, a memorable meal…

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