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Making soya milk at home


how to make soya milk at home with soya beans
Soya milk and you tiao

These few days, we have been talking about calcium intake.  I am not a big fan of any dairy products, which is a great source of calcium; apart from seafood and green vegetables, my main source of calcium, I think it has got to be — my favorite soy bean products. Apart from the soybean recipes I shared before, a few friends asked about homemade soya milk, so in these two post, let’s talk about making soya milk at home, and ideas about using ‘left over’ crushed soya beans after making soy milk. :)))

Personally I like, and only like homemade soya milk — it tastes so much more ‘pure’ than the ones sold in the supermarkets here in UK, especially I don’t like the idea that it is mixed with apple juice. The ones bottled in China contain ingredients other than just pure soya, which probably makes it richer in vitamins, and the taste is not bad, but still, I prefer the homemade version — :)) I am picky, but once you tried homemade ones, you will know what I mean. :))

Homemade soya milk becoming popular in China can all be attributed to the soya milk maker. The theory of the machine is actually very simple — to heat up the water and well soaked soya beans, and crush the soya bean let its ‘juice’ mix into the water, then heat up the mix to the boiling point. During the process and also when pouring it out, there are couple of ‘net’ to sift out the crushed soya beans, so you can get very smooth drink. When having it, you can add sugar as you like.

Chinese recipe make soya milk from soya beans at home
Soya beans
how to prepare homemade soya milk
The soya milk maker

The soya milk maker certainly makes the whole making process lots easier, but I haven’t seen any of them sold in UK. As I was browsing internet the other day, by chance, I saw this method, which can be used to make soya milk by using a blender instead of a soya milk maker.

Sorry I don’t have the photos of the process, but it is to use the blender to ‘crush’ well soaked soya beans first, then sift the liquid through, and boil the soya liquid with water. Normally it is 1 cup of dry soya beans with around 3-4 cups of water, but it is also depending how tense you like it. :)

Here, you can get a very ‘pure’ soy milk. You can have it hot, which is a perfect combination with Youtiao, or you can have it chilled. I normally use unfinished soya milk to make smoothies — nice. :)) The only thing you need to pay attention is that homemade soya milk cannot be kept for very long, since it does not have any product to keep it fresh artificially, not even in the fridge. It normally can be kept in the fridge not more than 36 hours, I think.

make soya milk at home with soya beans
Fresh soya milk

From this homemade soya milk, if you have ‘firming agent’, (Lushui is the one normally used in China), then you can make a homemade version of tofu — ‘Tofu nao’ dish.

Oh, and don’t just discard the ‘left over’ crushed soya beans yet, they are very useful — coming in tomorrow’s post. :)))

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