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Meal idea: Sunday morning breakfast idea

This morning, when I opened the window to the balcony for watering my plant, I suddenly saw a few flower buds on the tip of each branch. I screamed with extreme excitement.

 I was given this plant by a friend’s mum when she came to visit two years ago. It was a beautiful plant with all the beautiful flowers, many flowers. However, after all the flowers gone, the leaves all faded away, I was very sad and thought that I just lost another plant – I have always been a ‘plant killer’. I cut off the faded flowers and leaves, kept on watering it time to time. A few months later, some stems and leaves grew out, and last year, it even had one flower – I was so happy, jumped up and down. And now, more than ten flower buds there, just I thought I would not have any flowers this year…

This is what I meant by ‘beautiful hope’, I could not help smiling all day long, and everyday from now on. :)

Sunday morning, I normally make a ‘lazy Sunday breakfast/brunch’… But the ‘lazy’ here does not mean easy lazy recipes, rather having lazy, enjoyable, relaxed ‘eating’, because ‘he’ does not need to rush to work. :))

I might have already said that I love Sunday mornings, always did. When I was in school years, everyday in the class I would take a moment to count my fingers how many days left before Sunday (in China, 20 years ago, it was six working days, Monday to Saturday), then I did not have to get up early in the morning, and being in the class for a whole day.(The school hours were normally from 7am to 7pm.)

So Sunday, to me, meant that the day would start with music my dad put on, rather than 6am news, and a ‘lazy Sunday breakfast’ nicely cooked by my dad. Then I could read the books I liked to read after finishing my homework. — Ha, do not laugh, yes, I was a bit nerdy.

So I carried on the ‘tradition’ from my dad – have a ‘relaxed’ Sunday morning cooking, for a ‘lazy Sunday morning meal’. :))

Ok, I am a little bit cheeky here, I say this is what I would prepare for a Sunday morning breakfast/brunch, but it is actually a very common breakfast people would order in the ‘morning opened’ restaurants. However,it takes some time to raise up the flour for making Youtiao, so there is no time during weekdays.

The meal consists  of some of the most popular Chinese breakfast dishes — Youtiao and soya milk, with steamed eggs, plus a couple of salad (liang cai) dishes – dried beancurd sheet Liangcai and sea kelp salad. — Too much? … No, no, when you eat, you will know. And you don’t have to finish them, the salad (liang cai) can be perfectly kept for dinner as side dish. :) I have already mentioned that Chinese people traditionally have ‘big’ breakfasts.

In this meal, although ‘youtiao’ is fried, which can be a bit ‘greasy’, but the two fresh ‘salad’ can just balance that, and steamed eggs is very soft and light, super good for ‘morning stomach’. If you cannot get dried bean curd, fresh tofu salad is also good.

As you see, the meal provides lots of protein, folic acid, vitamins.etc. — energy for your ‘lazy Sunday’. :)

Well, the problem of this meal is that you have to remember to soak the soyabeans if you are making the soyabean milk at home yourself, and soak the sea kelp the night before, unless you buy the ready-to-drink or ready-to-eat ones.

As for the flour of making Youtiao, the easiest way is probably to use a breadmaker with a timer setting for raising up the flour, otherwise, if you are not in rush you can use the fast baking yeast to raise up the flour for an hour, or recently we bought those even faster ones that take just over 20 minutes. While the flour is raising up, you can steam the egg, and prepare the salad. Then start frying Youtiao. You just need watch the steamed eggs is not going to get overdone.

— There you go. Check the links for each recipe. And hope the sun will be there accompanying your ‘lazy Sunday breakfast/brunch’, that is the magic ingredient to me these days. :)))

Have a good Sunday!

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