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56. Stir fried Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (part II)


Simple Chinese recipe with black fungus, celery and lily's bulb
Chinese stir fried lily bulbs


Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (Vegetarian)

Ok, the actual recipe from yesterday’s ‘healthy theory’. :))

As said in the previous post, stir fried Lily bulbs, black fungus (Mu’er) and celery is one of the popularly recommended ‘Yangsheng cai’ or ‘Shi liao’ (healthy-life food or ‘healing’ food) in Northern China nowadays.

Apart from the ‘healthy’ and ‘healing’ theory behind this dish, I also really like the fact that it is really simple to make, as the traditional concept of this kind of “healthy food’ normally will take ages to boil. So it is definitely my ‘healthy / heal’ food lazy solution, but in order to see the difference it helps for the body, it is good to have it on regular basis.

Here you go, the actual recipe.


Lily bulbs, black fungus (mu’er), (western) celery
Garlic, oil, salt, corn flour


1)If you got dried Lily bulbs like I do, you need to soak them into the warm water for a few hours, until the ‘leaves’ are well extended and softened. If you can buy the fresh one, just get it ready into small pieces and washed, ready for cooking.

Chinese stir fried lily and black fungus

2)Soak a small handful dried black fungus (mu’er) in hot water for at least half hour, until it is soft and ‘stretched’ to full, then remove the ‘hard’ roots if there are any, and tear it into smaller pieces.

black fungus
Soaking the black fungus

3)Wash and a little big “diagonal cross’ chop the celery into around 1.5cm long piece. Quickly ‘fry’ the celery pieces in the hot oil, or quickly boil them in the hot water. But make sure it is still crunchy not too soft. (I prefer to lightly fry, as it is easy to remove the ‘rawness’ yet keep the crunchiness).

pan frying lily rootsChinese recipe, black fungus

4)Chop around 4 gloves of garlic into small pieces.

Chinese healthy recipe, black fungus and celery

5) Mix well a teaspoon of corn flour with water.


1) In a heated wok, pour in around 3 tablespoons of oil.

stir frying black fungus

2) When the oil is very hot enough, put chopped garlic pieces in.

3) When the smell of the garlic raises up from the wok, add pre-prepared lily bulbs and celery in the wok, stir well.

stir fry lily roots

4) Then add prepared black fungus (mu’er) into the wok, mix everything well together.

5) Add a bit less than 1 teaspoon salt into the wok, stir well.

Chinese healthy recipe

6) In around 2-3 minutes, after all the tastes ‘settling’ in the wok, pour in the corn flour and water mix, for getting the taste evenly on each piece of ingredient.

7) When the sauce in the wok get thickening (or almost disappeared), remove the dish to the place —

—- Here you go, a healthy and hopefully helpful dish is ready.

Having it with boiled rice can make you have better taste of the dish, I think. Oh, also, lately I quite like brown rice though, we are talking about healthy eating anyway, no? :))))

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