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Children’s day in China

Happy Children’s day everyone! We all have a playful ‘Child’ inside at heart, no?

Just forget about all the headaches in grown-up’s world, at least for a few minutes, and go back to the time we used to play childhood games in the yard with little friends —  we are happy, carefree.

Sometimes, for a split second, I could almost feel the summer morning breeze softly blowing on my face when I was a little kid playing at the front yard, after just waved goodbye to my parents, they left for work, and hoping my little friends would see me and turn up to play with me……

In China, Children’s day is a big day, ‘festival’ atmosphere is all over the places — the banners of ‘happy Children Day’ waving everywhere, on the street, the entrance of the schools, the steps of the shopping centre (–they want to cash in :))) ….. All the schools would have their own celebration program, either go for a day trip, or transfer the classroom into a ‘celebrating scene’… and most of the mothers who have kids under 12 years could get half of day off to be with their children and celebrate. And on the evening TV programs, all the channels are showing the celebrations.

Suddenly, it seems that the whole world is filled with children, they are in charge. Their colourful clothes like jumping dots in the abstract canvas ornament the streets.

At that moment, we just could not stop admiring the youth of lives, and at the same time, wondering where all those times have gone.

In Chinese, there is a saying, “children is the future, they are like the raising sun at 8am  or 9am in the morning”. (Hence, we always joke that we are the sun at lunch time.:)) I remember when we were little, every time hearing this sentence, we would straight up our back and take a deep breath — we had a big mission in this life. ha…

Coming back to food, I have been thinking if we had anything special on this day … no, not really, just played outside, had less homework. My dad would cook something nice, and there was one dish he made I would remember forever: a zoo on a plate. Yes, it is.

He fried spinach leaves and laid on a big plate as grass, and made couple of ‘pandas’ by using potato. and used red beans as pandas’ eyes and ears… That dish had been left on the table untouched for a long time during the dinner — nobody wanted to destroy the scene.

I miss that childhood, miss on this day, the teacher would take us to the lake side or big city garden, all we could hear was our loud noise, but we laughed a lot in the bright sun, and looked up, it was the blue blue sky, even a few cloud became so beautiful — there was no pollution, no worries…

Have a lovely Children day!

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