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21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 2)


Chinese Jiu Cai He zi

Ok, keep on making ‘Hezi’. (Continued from Chinese recipe: 21. Garlic chives and prawn Northeast Pastry I )

Making the pastry for Jiucai Hezi

As mentioned before, the dough is exactly same as dumplings’. Here, we start by making the pastry sheet.

The difference between the pastry sheet of dumplings and ‘Hezi’ is, firstly, the size: “hezi’s pastry sheet is around the size of the upper edge of a rice bowl, whereas dumplings’ is probably the bottom edge of the rice bowl. Secondly, for dumplings’, when rolling the pastry sheet it is best to try to keep the centre thicker than the edges, while for ‘Hezi’, it is just a flat sheet.

Ok, here we go.

1) Divide prepared dough into smaller even portions.

Chinese garlic chive pastryPastry for Chinese Jiucai Hezi

2) Press down each small dough, and roll it into a flat round sheet.

Making hezi doughMaking Chinese pastry dough

3) Take one sheet, place the filling on it, and spread the filling evenly on the sheet, leave out the edges.

Jiucai Hezi (pastry with garlic chives and prawn filling)

4) Take another sheet, cover on the filling, and press down the edges firmly — it is a half way prepared ‘hezi’ already.

5) Now it’s time to make it ‘beautiful’. Use a rice bowl, place the edge of the rice bowl on the edge of ‘pre-prepared’ Hezi. Hold the bottom of the rice bowl, and move around the edge of the pastry sheet while firmly pressing down  (be careful not ‘cut’ off the fillings).

Chinese jiucai Hezi pastry

6) Then remove the excess edges

Chinese recipe with garlic chives

—-  you done making it. now it’s time to shallow fry it.


1) Place a flat pan on the medium to low fire, pour in oil just for making the pan ‘moisture’.

traditional Chinese pastry recipe

2) When the oil is heated up, place prepared ‘Hezi’ one by one into the pan, keeping the fire low. — This is especially important if you are making meat filling, otherwise, you will get ‘burnt’ surface, and raw inner.

3) Turn around the ‘Hezi’ time to time, make sure both sides are cooked.

Chinese garlic chive pastry recipe
The final result: Chinese garlic chives pastry

4) It is done quickly since the filling just contains  ‘Garlic chives’ eggs and prawns.

—- Serve.

I like to put a little bit light soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil on the plate to go with ‘Hezi’, but it is good just by itself if you like.

Hope you like it!!

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Culture Note: Teacher's day in China - 10th September


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