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16. Chinese stir fried Black fungus and eggs

How to stir fry black fungus and eggs simple Chinese recipe
Chinese black fungus and egg

Chinese black fungus

When I told my mum that I blog posted about a ‘Mu’er’ (Black fungus) dish, she immediately asked me “but, did you say how nutritious Mu’er is? you know, with all its beneficial properties for health….”. “Yes, mum, I did.” … Ha… but her concerns are justified: Mu’er is not only a healthy food, but also can be used for medical purposes, which have been well documented in the Chinese medicine ‘bible’ – ‘Bencao Gangmu’ in 16th Century. Black fungus has also been an essential ingredient of Chinese cuisine for over a thousand years.

Last time, I made Mu’er into a salad dish. This post is about how to stir fry it — really simple, there are not many ingredients involved, and no complicated ‘steps’ — a very light dish, and a good quick fix for a weekday’s dinner, even for treating friends — it won’t make you ‘lose face’. :)

The recipe: Stir fried Chinese black fungus

It is a common thing to stir fry Mu’er at home. Traditionally this is done only with eggs, but I like to have different textures in the dish, so I also put onion in. Onion is only lightly cooked, it is still ‘juicy and crunchy’, taste well in the mouth with Mu’er and eggs. But if you don’t like this mixture, you can leave it out.


Mu’er (Black fungus), two eggs, onion (optional)
Oil, salt, light soy sauce, mushroom or vegetable essence (optional), five spice powder (optional)


Soak a handful dry Mu’er in hot water for at least 30 minutes, (after soaking, Mu’er will extend to full, a handful will turn into a good full ‘plate), then wash well, and tear them into smaller pieces, beat two eggs, and slice one onion.

Black fungus recipeChinese black fungus recipe


(Fire is high for stir frying this dish)

1) In a heated wok, pour in 5-6 table spoons of oil.

2) When the oil is hot enough (you can see the little bubbles flowing up), put the eggs and stir it to prevent it from forming up a big piece (it is easy to do if the wok is hot enough).

Stir fried black fungus
Stir frying the egg

3) When the eggs are done, add prepared Mu’er and sliced onion into the wok, mix well with the eggs.

Black fungus and egg
Adding the black fungus and onion

4) Put 1 teaspoon of salt, a few drops of light soy sauce, half teaspoon of mushroom or vegetable essence and ‘five spice powder’ (both optional).
5) Stir fry for further 2-3 minutes (if you think it is getting too dry inside the wok, put a little bit water in)

  —— It is done!

With rice or beer all good! — and healthy! :))

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