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Chinese fish and seafood

9. Chinese stir fried Aubergine and seafood

how to cook aubergine with seafood with Chinese recipe
Chinese aubergine and seafood
(/meat free mince for V option) (Haixian qiezi)

Love aubergine, all kinds of ways of cooking it. :)

We normally do shopping for fruit and vegetables in a small market in North Oxford on Saturdays; the sellers already know us well, and they always give us very good ‘offers’. Last week, we got lots of aubergines — I laughed and said that we were going to cook plenty of Chinese aubergine recipes. So, here you go, this is one of them. :)

Chinese stir fried aubergine and seafood

The original  North East Chinese recipe for his dish uses aubergine and a little bit of fish. However, after having ‘Aubergine and seafood pot’ in Chinese restaurants over here, I improvised it– without using the actual pot, and a touch of Northern Chinese taste. :))) It takes a little longer than a ‘quick -fix’, but it is perfectly suitable for a ‘weekend’s table’. I used to cook it with meat free mince for years (I was ‘half vegetarian’ back then).  So, meat free mince  is not bad at all as
vegetarian option.

The main part that I improvised in this dish is the way in which I fry the aubergine. Aubergines absorb too much oil during cooking, so instead of deep frying them until they are done, I fry them only until they are half done, and use a lid to cover the wok (this can help speeding up the cooking process, and reduce the oil absorption — and it is also energy saving:)), then pour in some water to continue cooking until it is done. This way, the dish is less greasy, lower fat, :)), but the taste is not worse (to the contrary). In fact, since the aubergine is partly fried and partly steamed,  it mixes very well  with the taste of seafood (the aubergine  keeps on absorbing the seafood sauce while it is being cooked — I am a little proud of myself for this — don’t laugh at me. :))

O, and the seafood — I always have a pack of ‘mixed seafood’ in the freezer, convenient for cooking dishes like this, or when you run out of ideas for cooking dinner, it can be stir fried on its own, or added to soup, noodles, or used as homemade pizza topping. Pretty much any ‘mixed seafood’ pack from  supermarkets are ok. We normally get it from a seafood supermarket in Oxford, sometimes it is seafood cocktails’ if there is no other options (like this dish).

Ok, here we go how I made it.:))

The recipe: Stir fried aubergine and seafood


Aubergine, mix seafood (or meat free mince for V option), coriander (optional)
Oil, cooking wine, salt, rice vinegar, white sugar, ginger, garlic, spring onion, sesame oil (optional)


1) Chop the aubergine into (probably) 2cm width, 0.5cm thickness, and 5cm length strips. (It is not very important how wide or long, but definitely not too thick.)

Chinese aubergine dishChinese aubergine and seafood
Stir fried aubergine and seafood

2) Defrost the seafood if you use frozen one.

3) Chop the ginger and spring onion into strips, and garlic into slices.

4) Chop a little bit fresh coriander.


I only used one wok this time, did not change or wash in between -  a bit different to normal ‘two steps cooking’.

Chinese seafood recipe1) In a wok, pour in enough oil to cover the bottom of the wok, with medium fire.

2) When the oil is relatively hot, put the chopped aubergine in, stir it, until every piece has touched the oil, cover it with the lid of the wok.
Lower down the fire a little bit, until the aubergine becomes softer.
Chinese stir fried aubergine
3) Turn the fire up, then put a teaspoon of cooking wine, ginger, spring onion and garlic in, if it is too dry, pour in a little bit oil. (Here, you see, I am not that professional, only good for cooking in the small kitchen.:))

4) When the smell of the ginger, spring onion and garlic rising up, put the seafood in, stir well (on strong fire).

5) Then pour in a cup of water, half teaspoon of salt, a little drop of rice vinegar, and a little pinch of white sugar. Lower down the fire, let it keep on cooking (3-5 minutes probably).

Stir fired aubergine and seafood

Chinese recipe with seafood6)Before taking everything out to a plate, (by now, the aubergine is very soft), pour in a couple of drops of sesame oil (optional), and the coriander (optional).

If you like coriander, it is really good for helping reducing the ‘oily’ taste, and bringing up the freshness, but put it in at the very end though.

This dish goes very well with boiled rice or white wine if you like.:)

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